Top 5 Camera Drones for Beginners Under $100 - Compared & Ranked by Drone Expert

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

We get a lot of comments here that are looking for cheap remote control camera drones. Before you upgrade to a professional level drone that captures amazing footage and performs professional maneuvers, it can be a good idea to practice with one of these budget drones that did not cost you nearly as much.

Now that we’re into the last few months of the year, many consumers are searching for the affordable remote control drones, and the offerings as of late are much more plentiful then they were just a year or two ago. We’ve recently changed our strategy when it comes to analyzing drones. We used to recommend drones based primarily on their attributes and pricing, but we’ve had a ton of feedback showing us that the company you choose to buy your drone from is the most important consideration when you’re shopping for a quadcopter.

The thing about affordable drones is that there are a TON of products on that market that are really similar and it’s really hard to distiguish between them. That’s why we’ve decided to start promoting drones according to how we evaluate the company selling them. We try to stick with companies that you can TRUST will support you before and after the sale. We reserve the top spots in our list for companies like  DJI, Black Falcon and Holy Stone who we have experience with and know you can trust.

Our top recommendations are from a small company out of Nebraska called Black Falcon. We like to recommend their products because they give the best customer service of any quadcopter company. The last thing you want to do when you’re having trouble learning your new drone is call someone in China, and with Black Falcon Drone that never happens!

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DJI Mavic Mini



"Great for advanced players"

3,913 Reviews

Holy Stone HS700D



"Great for kids"

801 Reviews

DroneX Pro




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A Final Word

If you are wondering whether getting Black Falcon Drone is worth the hype, we can assure you that this drone not only comes at an excellent price, but you’ll be impressed by all the features it offers. Whether you are a professional pilot, experienced photographer, or a beginner, you will find it super easy to use the Black Falcon on your first try.  

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