Top 5 Best Budget Car Dash Cams

Updated: August 17th, 2023

A dash cam isn’t exactly a necessity for your car, which is why so many people don’t even purchase them. But if you ever get into a car crash — as so many people do daily — a dash cam footage can be the one thing that exonerates you completely. Dash cams have a number of benefits. Their primary benefit is the possibility of recording everything so they can be produced in a court of law as evidence. However, since they often record motion-activated videos, the best dash cam can also record exactly and clearly when someone hits your car.

If you’ve parked your car and returned to find a dent or damage, you can view the dash cam footage to see who did it. This can help you contact or report them so you can get the repairs financially covered.

We tested out 12 of the most recommended budget-friendly car dash cams to find the best ones. Our reviews reflect the input from our members and their real user experiences. The ratings are based on 4 primary criteria:

  • Video Quality
  • Reliability
  • Price 
  • Size

Here are the top 5 picks.

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"The best in market"

3,686 Reviews




1,945 Reviews

Toguard Mini Dash Cam




12,31 Reviews

Apeman C450 Dash Cam



"Very Good"

913 Reviews

Nextbase 522GW



"Premium choice"

412 Reviews

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"The best in market"

3,686 Reviews

Why Is Vital Dash Cam the #1 Pick?

Over my long search for the perfect, reliable dash cam, I recognized the most important features that I needed in one. While I tried out quite a lot of them and found some valuable choices, none quite made the lasting impression like Vital Dash Cam. The distinction was in everything from the sleek look, to the number of hours I got, to the super intuitive sensors. 

The Vital Dash Cam was remarkably easy to install, and its features were impressive and just right for my security needs. It also has a unique one-touch photo capture that allows you to quickly capture photos of your surroundings. The most exciting of them was the automatic start and shut off feature, which causes the camera to record upon ignition and stop recording when the ignition is turned off. It is easy to forget that this camera is even there, helping you keep an eye on things thanks to it being sleek and conspicuous. Monitoring everything within and outside your car 24/7 has never been easier.

Slim and beautiful design

The Vital Dash Cam is designed to be lightweight and slim enough to not cause any obstructions. If you care about car interiors, then this is also perfect for you. It accentuates your interior, and except you’re looking for it, it is quite hard to spot.  

Easy Installation

I had no problems installing this dash camera. With the suction cup mount provided, I simply attached it to my windshield, pressed the start button and had a great, recorded ride to work. The problem was that I had two cars, but during my testing, I only bought one. Towards the end of my testing period, I found myself using it more often, which meant that I had to remove and reinstall it in the other car. Since it was easy to install, it was never a bother.

One-Touch Photo Capture

This unique and utterly brilliant feature can come in handy in a lot of ways. With just a tap, it allows you to quickly take a photo of the scene around and, more importantly, a photo of the license plate of any vehicle in front of you. This could be useful in case of accidents and even an ongoing crime. 

Excellent night vision and low light recording quality Recording

Many of the dash cameras I tested had good night vision sensors while many others didn’t. However, none were as excellent as Vital Dash Cam’s night sensor. The footage recorded at night and in low light conditions came out crisp and clear every single time. Not only does the night vision feature record great quality, but the sensors also automatically adjust for different levels of light. The sensors also come with exclusive night vision LEDs.

HD 1080p Video Quality

The Vital Dash Cam records incredible 350-degree HD wide-angle video, accompanied with unbelievably crystal clear audio. Clear audio is a feature I discovered absent in many of the dash cams I tested. Since you can record inside your car with this dash cam, you can even post the video online if you want. Good audio quality is also useful if you have a bad encounter with law enforcement or aggressive drivers after an accident.

Automatic Motion Detector

Even when you are not in the car, the automatic motion detector is constantly catching any movement around your car and recording in great quality. Wherever my car was parked, I rested easy knowing that it was protected. 

Automatic Start and Shut Off Feature Price

This unique feature allows your dash cam to sense when you turn on your car ignition so it can start recording. Likewise, the camera also senses when you turn off the ignition. I didn’t need to press a button like some other dash cams I tested, which makes that dash cam more difficult to use if you ask me. 

Up To 14 Hours of Recording

This dash cam gives you an impressive 14-hour recording time. It also allows you to view the recording instantly or when downloaded directly to your computer. 

Great Price

At only $59.99, the Vital Dash Cam is an absolute steal! You are well on the way to safe driving and even safer parking. publishes news, tutorials, and reviews about the latest emerging tech. Get ready to have your mind expanded by the possibilities and taste a bit of the future before everyone else.