5 Best Electric Heated Socks that Work in Extreme Weather

Updated: August 29, 2023

When winter weather comes, keeping my feet warm is a major challenge. I have multiple health issues that affect my extremities, including my feet, but my doctors also encourage me to keep up with physical activity such as walking. My doctor suggested I look into heated socks to keep my feet warm while walking in well-insulated shoes and boots.

I tried five different pairs of heated socks in cold winter weather while walking my dog about a mile. Here are my results.

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Why Hillpert Heated Socks Worked Best

One of the things that annoys me most about any tall sock is the constant slide-down of the sock. Cheap or knock-off heated socks and other tall socks generally have this problem. Unless I’m wearing boots to the knee, I find this to be so annoying that it isn’t worth the trade-off. Not so with Hillpert heated socks — with this brand of heated socks, I didn’t have to worry about them constantly falling down. They stayed up regardless of my pace.

I work a hybrid day job and go into the office once per week. One day, the temperatures dropped rapidly and I was worried about my feet getting cold in the office, which is rarely heated enough to be comfortable. My nose was freezing all day, and I also had to wear typing gloves — but my feet were super warm and made my entire body feel a bit better. I mention the office because the Hillpert heated socks are inconspicuous. I wore them under pants and with dress shoes, and they passed as regular socks. Since these socks stay warm for up to 8 hours, I was covered for most of my work shift and commutes without having to recharge.

My multiple medical conditions include various autoimmune diseases and arthritis, which lead to stiff joints and poor circulation. This causes a lot of pain in the winter. However, with Hillpert heated socks, my feet have been confidently warm whenever I wear them. In particular, it helps with circulation, numbness, and achiness.

They are also durable socks — my dog nipped at them a bit (I discourage him from doing this) and the socks survived.

I’d recommend Hillpert above the others because they’re the most durable, the battery doesn’t feel bulky, and they stay up. While some socks worked well just indoors or just outdoors, the Hillpert brand was versatile and worked well everywhere. I find myself wearing these more often than the other brands, especially when I know I’m going to spend part of the day in my apartment and part of the day shopping or walking my dog (most days). The cotton materials is the most comfortable and my feet end up without a strange smell when I wear them, unlike when I wear the spandex brands.


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