Top 5 Best Selfie Sticks of 2022

Updated: February 24th, 2022

Selfie sticks are in vogue presently. From taking group photos to vlogging, selfie sticks are better at capturing mini-aerial photos or videos. On my part, I started vlogging a few years ago mainly out of boredom and a search for a new hobby. As someone who enjoys traveling and capturing my adventures, I’ll admit that being in front of the camera is where I feel most comfortable. In my years of creating photo and video-based content, I learned that the equipment you use is just as important as your skill and story.

I dedicated the earlier years of my journey to finding the best tools, and today, finding those rare gems that elevate my craft is what I do best. Quality equipment like selfie sticks is fundamental to creating quality content that you’ll be proud of. 

The dilemma is that there are tons of selfie sticks out there, making it tough to choose just one. So, I went ahead to do what I do best — I tested dozens of selfie sticks over a month, so I can recommend the best selfie stick to buy in 2022.

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Why StableCam Pro is My #1 Pick

Have you taken tons of videos and photos only to return and find blurry or shaky shots? Yes? Well, you and me both. Many of the selfie sticks in the market today lack essential qualities like picture stability, stick length, and sturdiness. When a fellow vlogger bragged to me about StableCam Pro, I needed to see for myself. In her words, “it will solve everything you’re complaining about.” And it sure did! The StableCam Pro excels in these areas; that’s why it’s my #1 pick so far.

It not only helps to take more stable pictures and videos but is also very portable to fit into your bag. When I tested the StableCam Pro, I had been through a few selfie sticks. So I wasn’t expecting much, but I immediately acknowledged that the design was far better than most.  After all, if your selfie stick is going to star in your pictures and videos, it should add to the aesthetics.

StableCam Pro’s sleek, sturdy, and portable design, while retaining the powerful features, instantly cemented its place in my heart when I took my first shot. Additionally, all my shots and videos came out crisp and clean without any shakiness or blur. It’s perfect for vloggers like me, tourists, and really anyone who wants to take clear stabilized pictures and videos. I could go on gushing almost forever; instead, let me highlight the qualities that stand out for me. Here are my StableCam Pro test results from my first shot.

Excellent 3-Axis Stability

Whether you’re at a festival, traveling, or at any event you want to document, you can trust the StableCam Pro to help you do so in high detail. It won’t prevent a tornado or earthquake. Still, it provides the exact level of stability you need to produce great pictures and videography no matter the activity you are engaging in – rough terrain, cobbled streets, jumping, climbing, you name it. I was incredibly impressed with the unexpected level of stability I got with this small gimbal. 


Movement ActiveTrackTechnology

StableCam Pro’s creators had videographers in mind when they made this brilliant device. It is designed to give smooth movement while it tracks movement! This easy movement tracking technology is not something you’ll find easily out there with other selfie sticks, especially not at this price. It allowed me to record breathtaking shots and style my videography. If I can do it, so can you! 

The StableCam also uses ActiveTrack tech and in-built sensors to keep up with extreme movements. This means it’s perfect for shooting anything while you’re running, extreme sports to a great time at a rave, or filming in nature. 


Lightweight and Portable

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the StableCam Pro isn’t the features it offers but the fact that it offers those incredible features despite its compact size! This selfie stick is so lightweight and can fit neatly in your backpack. It’s super easy to carry around, so you can take it along on trips without feeling it at all. What’s more? It doesn’t add extra weight to your luggage when boarding a flight.

Being so lightweight, the StableCam Pro is also easy to hold in one hand without getting a “selfie ache” while capturing your moments. My hand used to ache in the past after holding up a selfie stick, so it was one of the qualities I paid attention to. StableCam is great for long photographing and filming sessions if you’re like me.

Long Battery Life

With all the awesome features it provides, I didn’t expect to get so much battery time. I just wanted something that could last for 5 hours non stop. I was wrong. The StableCam Pro exceeded my expectations allowing me to take uninterrupted photos and videos for up to 15 hours on a single charge! If that doesn’t knock you off your seat, the next quality should do so.

Integrated Power Bank

There aren’t many selfie sticks out there that stay charged and keep your phone charged at the same time. The StableCam Pro comes with an integrated power bank with which you can charge your phone at any time, so you never miss a shot.



Your phone is secure in StableCam Pro’s safe grip. The phone clip on this gimbal extends to fit almost any screen size, but it’s secure enough to keep your phone safe. No mishaps here! 


The StableCam Pro gives you great value for every dollar you spend. I expected to see it cost around $500 or more with these qualities. Instead, it costs about a quarter of that. What’s more? They are running an ongoing 50% discount that saves you more money.

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"The best in market"

5, 138 Reviews


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