Top 5 Slim Portable Phone Chargers Of 2023

Updated: June 25th, 2023

I have never been a fan of bulky power banks because they don’t fit well in the back pocket and often roll around and gather dust when kept in a bag. It doesn’t help that I rarely take my phone charger to work. As much as I try, I always forget. So, anytime I had a low or flat battery, I would have to get home before charging.

My phone battery once died while on a long call with a client. I didn’t know until I could no longer hear the client. I quickly dashed out for a colleague’s portable charger to rescue the situation. Thankfully, it was an understanding client. This event was a wake-up call, as I began searching for portable chargers online. So I bought one but was soon disappointed at its output. Over the past month, I’ve tested a dozen of the top rated portable chargers, and from that initial pool, I’ve narrowed it down to the best 5.

My picks have been used while in the outdoors as well as for everyday use and holiday travel. They’ve juiced up headlamps, GoPros, my iPhone, and even other power banks. After all that field testing, here are my findings and recommendations.

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Why ChargeCard Is My #1 Pick

I have tested various brands of portable chargers in my bid to keep my phone battery charged. Although they all have their own unique features, only one brand stood out because it gives me the best user experience for my money. This top brand is ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Credit Card Size Phone Charger.

Produced by AquaVault, ChargeCard is a credit card-sized ultra-thin phone charger. This power bank is the most suitable choice for phone users who want to keep their phones on. Apart from being efficient, it helps you charge your smartphone discreetly because, at first glance, you may not even know that the device is a charger. Here are more reasons ChargeCard is my number choice.

Super Portable

ChargeCard portable charger perfectly represents the word “portable.” Although the other chargers are equally portable, ChargeCard’s super-slimness makes them look bulky. ChargeCard is ultra-thin and shaped like a credit card, so it can pass for one of those nifty premium cards. Its quarter-inch width allows it to fit easily into my wallet.

ChargeCard made charging my phone while jogging possible because it fits into my pocket. Sometimes, I would almost forget that I had my phone charging in my back pocket while on my early morning run. I am a huge fan of light, easy-to-carry devices, and ChargeCard meets this need. The portable charger made recharging my phone battery easy while doing supervision rounds at work or walking to the nearby Starbucks to get coffee.

Longer Battery Life

One would think that ChargeCard’s slim design would mean that it has moderate battery life — far from it. ChargeCard has a larger battery life, which means it charges not only my phone but also my AirPods, headphones, iPad, and other gadgets. ChargeCard provides an emergency battery life ranging from 30% to 100% for smartphones.

The ChargeCard’s long battery life means I don’t have to rush home whenever my phone battery runs out. I can go out for a drink with my colleagues after work or drive to the gym directly without worrying about my device’s battery life. Additionally, the portable charger has a super fast charging ability that recharges my battery in a short time. I don’t wait hours before my battery reaches 100%.

Very User-Friendly

The ChargeCard’s manufacturers had me and other lovers of easy-to-use devices in mind when designing this portable charger. I didn’t have to spend much time figuring out how the device works. Connecting my phone to the portable charger is always effortless, taking only a few seconds. More so, the fast charging features makes the on-the-go charging experience more enjoyable.

The device has built-in USB C, lightning, and micro-USB charging cables.  The two corners of the device have rubber caps that hide a charging wire. All I have to do is swap out the interchangeable cable to choose between USB-C, USB-micro, and lightning, depending on the device I want to charge. I don’t have to carry a separate cord in my backpack because it has both ioS and Android charging cables.

Top-Notch Design

One of the first things that converted me to ChargeCard is its impressive design. Besides its sleekness that makes it easy to handle, I like that the device has four LED power indicator lights that lets you know how much power is left in the portable charging device. The indicator lights are also useful in showing the charging rate of the device.

Made with stainless steel, ChargeCard has a robust build quality. The same material is what gives the device better durability and longevity than other portable chargers. Furthermore, it is USB-rechargeable, so you can use any regular USB cable to recharge the device. 

Easy to Purchase, Consumer-Friendly Price

The beauty of ChargeCard is that you enjoy luxury and quality service without spending much. Its affordable price makes it easy to purchase for anyone on a budget. Unlike some other products that cost more, ChargeCard’s ultra-thin power bank is very cost-effective, especially when you consider its top-notch consumer experience. Also, if you have used a wide range of power chargers in the past, like me, you would appreciate the consumer-friendly price of the product.

You can easily make payments using your credit card and would have the device delivered well-packaged to your home. The most exciting part is that shipping is free. All it took me was to go online to AquaVault’s online store, review the products there and order my ChargeCard Ultra-thin Credit Card Size Power Bank that had the specific color I wanted. I was done with the whole activity within a few minutes.

Great as Gifts

Also, the consumer-friendly price of the ChargeCard Ultra-thin portable charger means that you can give your family members or friends this device as a gift like I once did. The power bank makes well as a perfect gift. Your relatives and friends would surely appreciate the portability, design,  color, and efficiency of this credit card-sized power bank. If you have been thinking of what to give a relative or friend for Christmas and Easter, or use for promotion, consider ordering this portable, fast charger as a gift.

It’s best to execute this gift idea for a family member, friend, or colleague who uses their phone a lot and sometimes faces low or dead battery issues. They would surely find this device satisfying. The feel of having a power bank that can fit into their wallet and pocket will surely put smiles on their faces and send appreciation calls or messages your way.

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6,095 Reviews


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