Top 5 Best Smart Body Scales of 2023

Updated: August 28, 2023

We all have heard of, seen, and even used scales. This gadget has been in existence for quite a long time to help people keep track of their weight. However, I bet not everyone knows that there are smart scales that do more than just help you measure your weight. 

Smart scales are high-tech gadgets that help you know more about your body mass, watery weight, bone density, muscle mass, protein rate and mass, hydration levels, and so much more. They even allow you to sync multiple accounts on one scale via a connectivity app. 

After researching the many benefits of a smart scale, I decided to get one for myself. However, there was a lot to choose from, and I didn’t want to get the wrong gadget. I purchased a dozen of these smart scales and tested them over three months. After that, I was able to find the overall best smart scale for my use. I also narrowed the long list of products to help you pick the best.

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Why FitScale X is the #1 Pick?

There are several reasons why people may want a smart scale. Whatever your reason is, you’ll need a scale that performs satisfactorily. That was exactly what I wanted, so trying out several smart scales didn’t seem like a Herculean task since I was searching for the best. Discovering the FitScale X was a relief since I was almost frustrated with some of the others I had purchased.

FitScale X is the perfect device for anyone who wants to reach their goals quickly & efficiently. Easy to use and accurate, this scale measures 12 health metrics, including body weight, protein mass, muscle mass, hydration level, and body age, using high-tech bio-impedance analysis. The accompanying app offers personalized guidance and recommendations based on your goals, tracking your progress in real-time.

1. Metrics

Different people have different reasons for buying smart scales. For some people, the only metrics they’re concerned about are their weight, body fat, and sometimes BMI. I’m a huge fan of tracking everything, so I love that the FitScale X smart scale offers 12 key body composition metrics. 

FitScale X helps you track your weight, protein mass, bone mass, hydration levels, body fat ratio, weight control, base metabolic rate, etc. It provides you with the right knowledge to enhance your health and wellness. 

2. Accuracy

While customer-grade smart scales are still machines capable of giving inaccurate readings, the FitScale X has been proven to be 97% accurate. I liked that it gave me almost, and even sometimes, 100% accurate details about my body composition. 

Unlike some of the other smart scales whose accuracy margin was so far from the actual one, FitScale X could give an accurate reading in just a few seconds of contact. These readings vary across the different metrics, and they’re often as accurate as can be. 

3. Design

One of the reasons why I added the FitScale X smart scale to my cart was because I was drawn to its simplistic yet elegant design. It has a non-slip platform that’s large enough for anyone to stand on without fear of losing their balance. It comes in a nice white color and is compact. Also, it is lightweight and can be carried with ease, even by little kids. 

The FitScale X customizable programs are one of my favorite features because you can always personalize any of the metrics at any time you want. I also liked the material, which is quite sturdy and guaranteed to last for years.

4. Connectivity App

Another reason why I love the FitScale X is that it came with a companion smartphone app that made it easy to use the scale. All you need to do is download the free app and check your readings each time you step on the scale. The app is user-intuitive and easy to navigate. 

It is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones as well as other connectivity apps that help you track your progress. Zero technical knowledge is required to operate this companion app and even the smart scale itself.

5. Multiple accounts usage

The FitScale X smart scale was easily my favorite because its syncing feature made it easy to add multiple user accounts to my scale. The most interesting part is that you can add these user accounts without any of the readings being public. FitScale X can recognize up to 6 accounts, which means you can track both your health and that of your loved ones. Additionally, you can add multiple accounts to the companion app without incurring an extra charge. 

6. Price, Shipping, and Warranty

If you’re working with a budget but need a smart scale that can perform optimally, get the FitScale X. It is affordable,  and when you purchase it from the company’s official website, you get a discount of about 50%. If you purchase more than one smart scale, you automatically get one free. 

The shipping process is breezy: fill out a shipping form and make payments via any of the payment options. Shipping the FitScale X smart scale often takes between 3-5 business days. I got mine 4 days after making my order. Although quite rare, when shipped orders are damaged or unsatisfactory, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. 


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