Top 5 Best Tactical Backpacks for Adventurers

Updated: July 3rd, 2022

Whether I’m headed out for a thrilling adventure on rugged terrain or going about my daily activities, I prefer tactical backpacks to anything else. They are tough as nails and come with so many convenient features that I can’t help but love. They also work for me because I often need to carry around a lot of essential items. 

When I’m out in nature exploring the woods or camping, I’d rather have a backpack built to aid my survival. Lucky for me, tactical backpacks are designed just for that. There’s a reason they’re the popular choice for military personnel – these backpacks can withstand just about anything. 

If you’re looking to cop your own tough-as-nails tactical backpack, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. I took the challenge of sifting through the highly populated backpack market to find you the very best tactical backpacks.

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Mystery Ranch




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RUSH72 Military Backpack by 5.11




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Dragon Egg MK II by Direct Action



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Wakizashi Tactical Backpack by Samurai Tactical



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Why Stealth Tactical GO Bag is the #1 Pick ?

When I am searching for a tactical backpack, my top priorities are weight, capacity, material, and hydration system compatibility. There are a lot of options on the market, thus making it harder to point out which tactical backpacks will give you everything you need.

To me, the perfect backpack is lightweight but also heavy-duty enough to withstand my adventures on various terrains. It would also be MOLLE compatible, made with durable materials, and have enough compartments and pockets to give me maximum compatibility. While these seem like the basic requirements for a tactical backpack, there are only a few brands that give you the ultimate functional and convenient tactical backpack.

Stealth Ops is one of such brands, and their Stealth Tactical GO Bag has quickly become my reliable and trusted option for any journey I want to embark on. I came across this brand years ago, immediately appreciating the quality and versatility of their original GO Bag. This new one has far better and upgraded features that make the experience absolutely superb.

This bag is not only gorgeous, but it also has all the features mentioned above and then some! From hiking and hunting to camping and jogging, I can trust my Tactical GO Bag to have my back at all times. Here are all the details for this remarkable backpack.

Impressive 42-L Capacity

The Stealth Tactical GO Bag offers an impressive capacity of 42 liters. It’s large enough to contain everything I need to carry along on a hiking or camping trip, yet compact enough for everyday commuting.

Protective Padded Laptop Sleeve

A tactical bag that has a laptop sleeve isn’t uncommon, but a backpack with a well-padded sleeve to protect your laptop and other gadgets is an unusual sight. The Tactical GO Bag has made me appreciate the importance of such a minor feature. Even when I don’t go out with my computer, I keep fragile equipment in this compartment for protection.

Super Durable and Comfortable

I used the original Stealth Ops Bag for almost 2 years. During that time, it gave me no problems at all and remained ruggedly durable no matter where I took it. With this new GO Bag, I have observed that the quality of the bag has gone up 1000%, a feat that I didn’t think was even possible. 

My Tactical GO Bag and I have been through a lot, and I admit that I’ve put it through the wringer too many times. But it comes out the same as always, ready to accompany me on the next adventure.

Versatile for EDC and Tactical Use

I’m an avid hiker and camper, and I’ve recently picked up kayaking. Imagine my delight when I discovered that my Stealth Tactical GO Bag was great for on-water use too! This backpack is designed to work for you no matter the activities you get up to – hiking, fishing, camping, jogging, traveling, hunting, you name it!

Multi-Compartment and Pocket Design Plus Hidden CCW Pocket

The GO Bag doesn’t just have a large capacity. It also has a brilliantly designed compartment system to split up that capacity. The multi-compartment design is excellent with dual-zippered closure rockets, interior zip pockets, and a hidden CCW pocket for easy access to a concealed carry.

Tactical MOLLE Compatibility with D-Ring Grimlock


For added functionality and security, the GO Bag has an easy, secure snap to attach or remove several MOLLE gear.

Paracord Key ring

The paracord key ring is a vital feature that helps improve your camping, backpacking, or hunting experiences. This way, I enjoy fuss-free and safe outdoor journeys.

Great Price Point of the bunch

Although the Stealth Tactical Go Bag is available in limited quantities, you can still snag yours for a very fair price, and right now, at a whopping discount. Your outdoor adventures are about to get so much better!

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"The best in market"

3,927 Reviews


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