Top 5 Best UV Glues for All Projects and Materials

Updated: July 14th, 2023

Something is bound to break around the house, whether from prolonged use or accidents. Even at work, tools and equipment can’t stay whole forever. I’ve used products like epoxy glue or super glue for many years to fix some of my stuff. The problem is the mess it causes. It can be tough to clean up or get rid of the smell at times. And sometimes, it doesn’t even hold longer than a few days or a few minutes in some cases. 

I complained about these difficulties to a friend, who then recommended UV glues. I asked some experts, read about UV glues, and found that they hold longer than traditional glues and even hold quicker. I was determined to find the best UV glues for my tools in my auto parts store, and I did. I used many UV glues in different scenarios and on multiple materials, from metal to plastic, and ranked them from best to worst. 

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Why Bondic is Easily My #1 Pick

Bondic, the new revolution in repairing anything! That’s what many users say anyway. After using it myself, I believe that it’s the perfect way to describe Bondic UV glue.

As a mother of 4, I always ensure that every item I use around the house is not toxic or harmful in any other way to avoid accidents and emergencies. This makes Bondic the perfect glue since it is one of the safest UV glues out there. 

Using Bondic UV glue on broken household equipment like furniture, toys, and appliances can be incredibly beneficial in many different ways. I use Bondic to fix all kinds of items and equipment in my home. It is a lifesaver. Here are some of the features I love the most about Bondic. 

Leaves no Mess

Bondic does such a clean job, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after fixing up your broken equipment. Yes, no need for clean-up, and you won’t get a messy result or sticky fingers. Some other glues I’ve used were so messy, they left my equipment stained and looking ugly. With Bondic however, you get to choose when and where you want the glue to cure. 

Easy to Use

Some of the UV glues I tested proved to be challenging and a bit complicated to use. With Bondic, however, I no longer have to worry about the technicalities, since it’s quite easy to use. I didn’t have to read bulky manuals just to learn how to use it. 

Fixes almost any appliance

Bondic comes in handy whenever I have a broken piece of glass, metal, or plastic equipment lying around the house. With this amazing UV glue, I can fix anything very easily and quickly. 

For example, a side of my flat-screen TV once had a crack but was still working. I simply took out a Bondic tube, and as expected, it did the job perfectly. All I had to do was apply the liquid over both sides and flash the UV light on the cracked spot. The glue formed a new bond between both parts, making the spot sturdier than before.

Fast Curing Time

Unlike the traditional glues, which I  have to apply and then leave to dry up overnight, Bondic ultraviolet glue sets quickly, and I can use my equipment as soon as I finish applying the glue. 

Bondic also maintains a strong bond in temperatures between 40°C and 80°C. This means that even when exposed to extreme cold, it won’t flake or chip — keeping my equipment safe for longer. With straightforward usage and no curing time, Bondic is a great option for DIYers like myself. 

Saves Time and Money

I no longer have to rush to the store to get a piece of new equipment each time something gets broken at home. With 4 kids running around my home, different equipment is sure to get broken now and then. All I have to do is pick up a Bondic tube, and get it fixed within a few seconds. Thanks to Bondic, my household equipment now lasts longer, and always looks good. 

Versaille Usage

Bondic is a unique curing adhesive that can turn any material into a liquid bond. Bondic’s strength and versatility make it perfect for lots of jobs: from fixing your kitchen stool to creating custom jewelry to fixing broken electronic appliances.

Works Well on Any Material

Bondic can be used just about anywhere. It works on glass, metal, plastic, stone, ceramic, and pretty much any material that is still solid (meaning no foams or latex). Whether it is a broken vase or a cracked lamp, I am always assured of a clean, fast, and effective job with Bondic.

Safe for Usage Around the House

Bondic is extremely safe for most applications. However, I always make sure to be very careful when using Bondic on plastics, as with any solvent-based adhesive. I ensure that my plastic piece is clean and free of all dust and debris before applying Bondic, to avoid ending up dissolving part of plastic instead of gluing it back together. Although this has never happened with Bondic, I’ve experienced it while using some other types of UV glues. However, it doesn’t hurt to be careful, does it? 

Free of Chemicals and Toxins

What I love the most about Bondic is that it doesn’t contain any chemical or toxic material. That’s right, not only does Bondic use light and oxygen to cure, but it uses no chemicals. Of course, everything requires a catalyst or some sort of heat source to trigger curing, but there are no nasty chemicals involved. All I  need to fix my broken items are my Bondic liquid and the Bondic UV light, and I’m good to go. 

Can be Used Both Indoors and Outdoors

Whether you’re relaxing at home or on a mountain hike, you’ll be grateful if you have some Bondic with you! You can also use UV glue to fix items in your office or around the workshop. I always ensure that I don’t run out of Bondic tubes at home, at the office, or in my emergency kit. You never know when they can come in handy. 


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