Top 5 Best Massage Guns to Buy in 2022

Updated: February 25th, 2022

Although massage guns are relatively recent inventions, they are becoming one of the best ways to release knotted muscles, especially after an intense workout. I first came across massage guns on Instagram when one of my favorites made a video using them. I decided I needed to get one right away since I had to deal with sore muscles after every workout. 

Indeed, there was a staggering number of these massage guns to choose from. I decided to try out a couple of these and choose which one works well for me. After one month, I found myself the perfect massage gun. Before then, how do massage guns work? Massage guns use a percussive therapy massage method to soothe body pains or muscle tightness and generally improve blood circulation around the body.

If you’re curious to know my favorite massage gun, hold onto your seats. Here’s a look at the 5 top massage guns I can recommend you buy in 2022.

Top 5 Massage Guns I Recommend Buying This Year

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MassageGun Pro Massage Gun by MassageGun




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Pro Massager Massage Gun by Pro Massager




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Theragun Pro G4 Massage Gun by Therabody



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Hyperice's Hypervolt 2 Pro Massage Gun by Hyperrice



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Why Minirex Massage Gun is My #1 Pick

After reading the many benefits of massage guns, it only made sense that I got one for myself. After some intense workout sessions, I knew that I battled with severe body aches and muscle tightness that took a long time before I felt normal again. Getting a super-effective massage gun became my top priority, but I didn’t know much about them. I only knew how I wanted to feel and what I was looking for in a massage gun. 

So I went ahead, bought and tested a couple of massage guns over 3 weeks till I found the best out of all. The Minirex Massage Gun ticked all the boxes for me. This mini massage gun is manufactured by REXOGUN and has over a thousand positive reviews. 

It does an absolutely fantastic job in easing my muscles, is easy to use and carry around, and is totally safe to use on any part of your body. I knew this was the perfect massage gun for me. Here are details on why I choose Minirex as my best massage gun to buy in 2022.


Super Effective

I knew I wanted to get a massage gun that was as effective as advertised. Although some of the other massage guns performed fairly above average, the Minirex massage gun stood out. It was super effective because it provided a really fast relief from whatever body pains I was feeling. After trying this mini-massage gun for a week, I discovered that it not only offered a faster relief from body and muscle soreness, it improved blood circulation across my system and left me feeling relaxed at the end of every massage session. 

I also discovered that I was able to work out better since I was always feeling energized after using my Minirex massage gun the day before. I was so happy with my Minirex massage gun because it felt like I had just been to a luxury spa. This powerful massage works efficiently and increases the blood flow around your body. It also prevents lactic acid build-up, releases tensed muscles, and clears up scar tissues. 

Outstanding Design

One of the most distinguishable features of the Minirex Mini Massage Gun is its appealing yet practical design. It has a modern, ergonomic sleek design that’s in color black. While this is aesthetic, it is practical and makes it easy to reach even the hardest part of your body. With Minirex, I didn’t have to try so hard to reach my lower back. It was designed to be used with ease, which was an advantage that some of the other massage guns couldn’t boast of. 


Compact size

I like that the Minirex is very compact and lightweight. When trying out some of the other massage guns, I discovered that they were quite bulky, and it was stressful trying to use them. I could feel the strain on my wrist and hands, which was the opposite of what I wanted. Minirex is quite the opposite. It’s very light and easy to use. It is also very portable, so you can always travel with your massage gun. 

Different Massage Head Attachments

One of my favorite reasons for choosing the Minirex massage gun is its 4 massage head attachments. There is the flat, round, spinal, and bullet massage head, each with different massaging benefits. The flat head worked well for relaxation massages by stimulating deep muscle tissues. The round massage head reduced muscle pains or soreness, especially after strenuous exercise. You can use the spinal massage head for flexibility, especially around your lower back area. Finally, the bullet massage head is used for working muscle knots and relieving any form of joint pain. All of these massage heads work in ensuring you feel invigorated after every massage session. 


Low Noise Operation

I’m not a fan of noisy gadgets, and this was a major requirement for me when I was looking for the best massage gun. Others worked quite well but compared to the Minirex; they were quite noisy. It was more awkward if people were around. However, the Minirex massage gun works noise-free. I didn’t have to worry about people looking at me weirdly in the gym when I used my massage gun. I also didn’t have to worry about disturbing my neighbors when I used the Minirex indoors. If you’re big on a noise-free massage gun, then you should definitely purchase the Minirex mini-massage gun. 

Affordability and Warranty

As powerful as the Minirex massage gun is, it is sold for a very affordable price. Once you place an order directly from the official website, you get to save as much as $100. Making the payment is very easy as multiple payment options are available on the site. Shipping and delivery of the Minirex massage gun don’t take a lot of time. Another great thing is that there is a warranty on all Minirex purchases. This warranty covers housing, battery, manufacturing, PCB, and motor damage. 

Exclusive Discount 50% Off



"The best in market"

7, 135 Reviews

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