How Five TOTALLY Different People Reached Their Fitness Goals With This Revolutionary Body Scale


by John, L

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

FitTrack is the most accurate and affordable way to work toward your health goals.

Whether you’re looking to tone up for a vacation, train for your first 5k, or add muscle so you can scoop up your grandkids, FitTrack is the perfect tool to track your progress. 

FitTrack helps you reach your health goals using data.

Using 17 key health metrics, it takes the guesswork out of diet and exercise, allowing you to make decisions based on science.

There’s no more trial-and-error.

  • No more browsing through fitness magazines.
  • No more wasting time at the gym.
  • No more hours spent wondering if a particular diet is right for someone with your body type, age, or fitness level.

FitTrack helps you know what works — and what doesn’t — when it comes to your health.

How Does FitTrack Work?

FitTrack uses patented bioelectrical impedance technology to give you a clear picture of your health.

All you need to do is step on the scale and FitTrack sends electrical pulses through your body.

These electrical pulses collect information related to your body fat, muscle mass, and even your bone density.

But is it accurate?

FitTrack has been scientifically tested and proven to be within 2% as accurate as an x-ray analysis.

Approved by the FDA, FitTrack’s data and regular reports allow you to make smarter decisions when it comes to your health goals.

In summary, it helps you become in tune with your body, noting how certain lifestyle changes affect your health and wellness.

So, how can you use this data?

How These Five People Used FitTrack To Tackle Their Health Goals Head-On

Wondering how you can use FitTrack’s 17 health measurements to enhance your overall wellness? Here’s how five FitTrack users were able to check off their fitness goals:

A New Mom Loses The Baby Weight

“I’ve always been into health and wellness. I ran cross-country in high school and kept running as an adult. After I gave birth, I noticed my body…well, didn’t quite return to how it used to be.

With the FitTrack, I started tracking new metrics I never considered prior to having children. Rather than watching my standard weight, I started tracking my muscle mass. Since I couldn’t work out for nearly two months after giving birth, I lost a lot of muscle — without even realizing it! Using the FitTrack helped me dial-in to what my body really needed.”

A Personal Trainer Helps Track Her Clients

“I’m a certified personal trainer. With most of my clients falling within the 55+ age group, many are working on mobility, balance, and building strength. Some of them have underlying health issues that may hinder their progress. Luckily, FitTrack helps me keep track of each unique client, including their progress and roadblocks.

“With FitTrack, I can track up to eight different clients on a single app. In just one snapshot, I can capture my clients’ muscle mass, bone density, and BMI, helping them track their progress to reach their goals.”

An Athlete Plans For His Next Triathlon

“I’ve always been an athlete. I played D3 lacrosse in college and continued to race, bike, and mountain climb even after I graduated.

“A few years ago, I started triathlon training. Unfortunately, after half a year of training, a few stress fractures set me back for three months. Once I was cleared by my doctors, I was eager to start training again — this time, the right way.

“Using FitTrack helped me get smarter about my training. I keep an eye on my bone density, hopefully preventing the next possible stress fracture. In addition, I monitor my muscle mass and BMI, so I know I’m at peak shape for my next race.”

A Daughter Encourages Her Parents To Get In Shape

“When I was young, weight, diet, and fitness weren’t things my family talked about. But once I entered college, I got into intramural sports and jogging with friends.

“My introduction into health and wellness had a wonderful impact on my parents. At ages 60 and 62, my parents made a promise that they would start walking one mile per day. Soon, one mile became two, and two became their first 10k walk.

“As a family, we love using FitTrack because it helps us track our health progress in positive ways. We challenge ourselves, never forgetting that health is so much more than pounds lost. My mom loves to tell me how much muscle she gained since she started walking!”

A Father Lifts Up His Kids

“When we started having kids, I just didn’t have time to hit the gym anymore. As every parent knows, when you have a family, it’s no longer about you — it’s about your kids.

“It didn’t take long for me to develop what I would call…well, dad bod. I could see in the mirror that I was losing muscle, but every time I stepped on my regular scale, it told me I didn’t gain weight.

When we brought home FitTrack, everything changed. I learned how much muscle I lost, how much protein I needed to sustain daily activity, and how my BMR (basal metabolic rate) had slowed — most likely due to a lack of muscle mass.

“As a dad, I still don’t have time like I used to. But having FitTrack allows me to make the most of the time I have. My workouts are short and efficient, and give me the energy, muscle, and stamina I need to keep up with my kids.”

Try FitTrack And Toss Out Your Old Scale

Today, you can try FitTrack for 30 days. If you don’t like it, just send it back to us.

We’re confident that FitTrack will be the last scale you ever buy.

With hundreds of 4.9-star reviews and 500,000 happy FitTrack customers, we know this is the last scale you’ll ever buy.

Are you ready to start guessing about diet and exercise, and start following a science-backed approach? Try FitTrack today.

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