Keep your hands cozy on the go - Voted #1 HEATED GLOVES in 2022

Keep your hands cozy on the go - Voted #1 Electric HEATED GLOVES of 2022

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Swear By Hilipert Heated Gloves

Are you ready to protect your palms from the harsh realities of a Colorado winter?

We are able to take the electric glove industry to the next level ultimately by utilizing the advanced precision-based production materials and techniques.

Cold weather doesn’t stand a chance against our Battery Heated Gloves! For days on the slopes or days on the job our insulated and water resistant Battery Heated Gloves are made for winter sports and severe weather. They offer the optimal balance of dexterity, durability and insulation for hard duty on super-cold days.


Fast Heating & Smart Temperature Control

Red: 135-145℉ / 5-6 hours: White: 125℉-135℉ /7-8 hours; Blue 95℉-125℉ / 9-10 hours.

Touch-screen Compatible

Compitable with all types of devices on the market.

Water & Wind Resistent

Made of premium water-repellent PU material - perfect for outdoor activities.

Unisex Design

Stretchable material that fits all sizes

Long Lasting & Rechargeable

Up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Lightweight & Comfortable

Comfortable to wear throughout the day - you won’t even feel them.

More Reasons You Will Love Hilipert Heated Gloves

Having cold hands may not seem like that big of a deal, but it really can be the worst.

Warm your hands in less than 60 seconds

Temperature adjustable up to 140° F/ 60°C

Made for brutal, extreme winters

Used and loved by ice fishermen in Norway

Upgraded Coverage

Features a heating element that stretched from the back of the hand all the way over the tips of the fingers

Great Gift for Families

Best seller of 2021 & 2022

What People Have To Say

Customer Reviews



“Fantastic heated gloves and outstanding client service! They soon warm up and are excellent for outdoor activities during the winter. This is the best investment I’ve ever made for my fingerst I am happy I got them.”

Debby F. Salt Lake City



“These gloves are extremely toasty. This inside fabric is really soft. Appear to be well-made and well-thought-out. Unlike most gloves, this one covers the hand and extends further up the forearm. It really keeps you warm in cold weather. Best Christmas gift I received from my wife.”

David R. Denver



“Winter is my favorite season and with these heated gloves, I can go out and enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities with my friends.These gloves are super comfortable and soft. It keeps my hands warm throughout the day. Strongly recommended!..”

Joseph P. Minneapolis



“One of my lovely followers gave this to me as a birthday present. And I love it so much! I live in the north-eastern part of the country. Our winters are long and cold, but there are some fantastic outdoor activities to attend during this time. Even with standard gloves on, it is difficult to keep your hands warm when attending events outside in the harsh winter months. However, these heated gloves can keep my hands warm for an entire day. It is quite easy to use, and does look nice too! highly recommended”

Luis R. Boston

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our gloves are built with extra flexible carbon fiber heating elements which make them durable and sturdy enough for outdoor activity.

These gloves are better fit to be used as a stand alone glove.

Basically your entire hands – from your palms hands, backs, to fingers.  





Charge Up – Fully charges power banks with the provided charger kit.

Plug-In – Connect the power bank to the USB plug located in the pocket.

Turn On – Press and hold touch-button control on the wrist for 3-5 seconds. Press the touch-button to adjust the temperature.

  • Gloves
  • Batteries
  • User Manual
  • Power Bank

The estimated shipping time is about 3-7 business days.

We ship orders from one of our international warehouses (US, UK, HK). 

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